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Montgomery County PA Divorce Lawyers

Our Montgomery County Attorneys Have Your Concerns In Mind 

We recognize that divorce, custody, or other family law matters can leave you feeling overwhelmed, wondering where to begin. Our experienced and knowledgeable Montgomery County attorneys take a compassionate approach to alleviate your concerns and develop a roadmap to the future you imagine.

You’ll Have Experienced Montgomery County Lawyers on Your Side

Cooley & Handy focuses exclusively on family law. With decades of experiences, our attorneys can confidently handle a variety of matters, from the simplest to the most complex cases.

Meet our team of experienced Montgomery County Divorce Attorneys. Our attorneys are experts in the following family law matters:

  • Divorce: The divorce process in Pennsylvania begins with the filing of a complaint by either spouse. If you or your spouse have lived in Montgomery County, PA for at least the six months immediately prior, then this is where you will file your complaint. This is the first step towards resolving your custody, support, and property division matters. You can learn about the steps in Montgomery County’s divorce process here.
  • Equitable Distribution: This is the process of identifying, valuing, and dividing the property you and your spouse have acquired during your marriage. Since Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, property is not necessarily divided 50/50. Instead, Montgomery County courts will consider and analyze several factors to determine a division that is “equitable” or “fair” to you and your spouse. 
  • Spousal support/Alimony Pendente Lite/Alimony: In Pennsylvania, support is paid by the higher earning spouse to the lower earning spouse. Spousal support is paid while the parties are separated, but before a divorce complaint has been filed. Alimony Pendente Lite (APL) is paid while the divorce is pending, and alimony is paid after a divorce has been finalized. Montgomery County, PA uses a formula to determine how much spousal support or APL is owed based on the income or earning capacities of you and your spouse. Alimony in Montgomery County is awarded on a case-by-case basis, after an analysis of several factors. You can learn more about determining support in Montgomery County, PA here.
  • Child Custody: Pennsylvania focuses on the best interests of the children in custody actions. Custody is defined as both physical, meaning with whom does the child reside, and legal, meaning who makes the educational, health, religious decisions for the child. Our Montgomery County attorneys can help you determine a suitable custody arrangement for your family. In Montgomery County, custody disputes are resolved through a multi-level process, which you can learn more about here.
  • Child Support: Pennsylvania law requires parents to financially support their child until they are emancipated, which occurs when a child turns 18 and graduates from high school. Pennsylvania has set forth guidelines for determining the appropriate amount of support owed for any number of children based on the income or earning capacities of the parents. In Montgomery County, PA, once a support complaint is filed, you and the other parent will attend a conference at Domestic Relations to determine an appropriate support order, and then if needed, a hearing before a judge. You can learn more about Montgomery County, PA child support here. 

Get Informed And Prepared For Your Montgomery County Divorce

While no amount of research can replace a tailored consultation with one of our experienced Montgomery County family law attorneys, you can gather more information and prepare for your family law matter by visiting our blog section. Our step-by-step guide is great place to start getting ready for your Montgomery County Divorce.

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