SnapDivorce: Modern Divorce Mediation, Arbitration and Agreements

SnapDivorce Makes Divorce Simple Through Modern Divorce Mediation, Arbitration and Agreements.

There are well over half a million divorces in the United States each year, many of which ruin couples financially and emotionally. As nearly anyone who has gone through the process can attest, the divorce system is overwhelmed with cases, expensive, fraught with delays and staggeringly wasteful.

Kevin Handy, a partner at Cooley & Handy, developed a new option for divorce through SnapDivorce LLC, which bypasses all the factors that make divorce a legal nightmare for couples. By combining modern divorce mediation with legal services to process couples’ divorces, SnapDivorce can resolve a divorce in a matter of months at a fraction of the cost of traditional divorce.

In short, SnapDivorce offers a new, game-changing divorce experience.

“Couples get into the divorce process and they are, without exception, shocked at how the system works,” says Handy, whose firm with partner Patricia Cooley has over 50 combined years of family law experience. “The entire process is designed to be adversarial. Even in simple cases, divorce can take years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is the norm in the United States.

“At Cooley & Handy, we have always done our best to minimize costs and delays for our clients, but there are many things beyond our control, most notably the overburdened adversarial court system.”

Having seen families financially and emotionally devastated by the system, Handy constantly thought about alternative options. But when he simply asked himself the question, “If I were faced with divorce, how would I want to do it?” the idea for SnapDivorce was born.

“This is the way I would do it, without a doubt,” says Handy. “There probably isn’t a divorced couple out there who doesn’t wish they had had an opportunity to divorce like this – without lawyers, without court appearances, without the spirit-crushing work and stress.”

Through modern divorce mediation and arbitration, SnapDivorce helps couples analyze and resolve their divorces.

Because the entire matter is handled under one roof, without the need for dueling attorneys or court appearances, SnapDivorce creates huge efficiencies for couples and reduces the acrimony caused by litigation.

Most divorcing individuals believe they must each hire lawyers of their own. But Handy points out that divorce resolutions are generally based on standard factors and equations that have little to do with the issues couples fight about most. A good attorney, Handy says, can accurately predict within about 15 minutes how a specific divorce will turn out. Given that reality, why do couples insist on fighting for years and wasting money that would be better spent on college educations for the children, a new home, or simply starting new lives?

SnapDivorce uses a three-step process designed to resolve a divorce – with a legally binding Divorce Decree – in an average of four to six months.

The process involves a free initial consultation,1-4 mediation sessions, and the drafting of a final marital settlement agreement. A flat fee is quoted for the necessary services after the initial consultation and starts from $1,400 to, with an average of around $4,650, including filing fees and court costs.  Meetings are held in comfortable, private offices. SnapDivorce meetings can even be arranged during the evening or over the Internet, for maximum convenience.

“Everything else in society is changing so quickly, except for the way we process divorces. They are still crammed through a system that dates back to the Middle Ages, originally used to resolve disputes over land or animals,” says Handy.  “That is crazy in the 21st Century. This is a new way to divorce. It is cutting-edge. It is designed to be as efficient, fair and inexpensive as couples have every right to expect.

“If I were getting a divorce,” says Handy, “I wouldn’t turn the most important issues of my life over to an overburdened court system. I would want to use a fair, neutral, one-stop flat-fee service. I would want SnapDivorce.”

SnapDivorce mediation services are presently available in Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh and Philadelphia Counties, PA.

For more information, browse the SnapDivorce website at: Company headquarters are located at: SnapDivorce,  LLC,100 South Main Street, Suite 200, Doylestown, PA 18901. For information, please call: (215) 923.3040.

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