Why Us

Our attorneys and employees at Cooley & Handy strive provide you, our clients, with the highest quality legal representation in Divorce, Custody and Family Law Matters in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA.

But we seek to do much more than that. We strive to educate our clients about the law affecting their case, engage them fully in the decision-making process, and help them achieve their goals and financial security. That’s why our slogan is “Take Control. Secure Your Future.”

Our slogan wasn’t created by a marketing firm. It was created by us, after contemplating what makes us different from other family law firms and identifying our core values and beliefs. It also sums up pretty well what we enjoy doing. Family law litigation is stressful for all involved, including attorneys. Our deep satisfaction comes from helping our clients take control of their lives and futures.



 1. We will strive to help you understand the legal process and know your options.

Uncertainty creates anxiety. We understand that.  That’s why every step of the way, from your initial consultation to the conclusion of your case, we’ll take the time to make sure you understand the process and know your rights and options.


 2. We will provide you with a roadmap to get your case resolved efficiently and expeditiously based on practical legal advice.

When you are facing a divorce, custody or other family law matter, you can feel like your life is out of control.  Knowing where you are headed can help.  That why we’ll seek to identify your goals and then provide you with a roadmap to get you there based on our experience and practical legal advice.


 3. We will zealously advocate for you, but seek resolutions and settlements whenever possible.

“To settle a case, be prepared to try it” is a legal truism.  That’s how we’ll approach your case.  We’ll gather the pertinent facts and evidence.  We’ll advance favorable applications of the law.  However, whenever possible, we will seek reasonable resolutions and settlements, so you can avoid unnecessary costs and undue stress.  We will not encourage or engage in unnecessary or emotionally driven tactics or litigation.


 4. We will keep your informed about the status of your case and in control of all significant decisions.

All too often lawyers think that they know better than their clients and leave them out of the decision-making process.  Frequently, they won’t even pass on settlement proposal or they’ll take unapproved positons.  Not us.  We’ll keep you fully informed every step of the way.  We understand that it’s your case and your life.  You are in control.



Cooley & Handy was started in 2005 by Patricia H. Cooley and Kevin J. Handy. Patricia had over 18 years of family law experience in Bucks County.  Kevin trained in sophisticated litigation at Dechert LLP, one of the largest law firms in the country. Together they combined to raise the bar in family law litigation in Bucks County.

Pat and Kevin are also brother and sister. They are two of eight siblings. Growing up in a big family meant lots of loud arguments over anything and everything. It was good foundational training for their future careers in family law. To this day they still love to engage in friendly arguments over everything from the law, to case strategy, to politics.

Pat and Kevin have deep roots in the local community. They grew up in Doylestown, and their family has lived and worked in Bucks County for generations. Their father was a well-known teacher and guidance counselor in Central Bucks School District for over 30 years. Their Grandfather ran a farm in Mechanicsville before becoming the warden of the old Bucks County Prison. Together, with the rest of the Cooley & Handy team, they are committed to improving the legal profession in Bucks County, and divorce and family law process specifically.